The investment division of McGarrell Reilly Group comprises of two units: an asset management team and a property management team.

The division manages developments that are retained by the Group, as well as acquiring, selling and managing properties that meet with the Groups investment strategy. A common thread throughout the investment portfolio is properties that are well located and designed to high standards which combine to accentuate the growth in value. 

Some of the many advantages offered by the McGarrell Reilly Investment division are the following:

  • Internal Asset Management — Our long-term perspective for property investment ensures the proper strategic decisions are made by our management team.
  • Internal Property Management — The property management team provides a high quality, hands-on management of property assets, maximising value for money to the Group and tenants alike by ensuring appropriately high standards of service provision for minimised costs.
  • Highly Skilled Teams — The asset management and property management teams consist of experienced and highly skilled and dedicated professionals.
  • Fit-Out — The in-house contracting team is invaluable in providing high quality, cost effective and timely fit-out service for tenants.  The in-depth knowledge which the contracting team has of the Group’s properties allows us to deliver fit-outs with ease and seamlessly to the Client’s requirements.
  • Refurbishment — The in-house contracting team has the skills and experience to successfully carry out the refurbishment of Group properties from the smallest to the largest scale whilst minimising the disruption to any existing tenants. The contracting team is dedicated to the long term interest of our buildings and thereby enhances the occupiers experience within our properties.