About Us

An organisation that is proud of its progress from a small partnership to an industry leader while never losing sight of the values that helped to get it there.

McGarrell Reilly Group began as a modest housing development company in 1981.

By focusing on quality and with determination and astute business acumen success followed and the company has grown quietly and without making a fuss to become a leader in its industry.

Along the way the company diversified and expanded into the UK and Europe. Today, McGarrell Reilly Group is still focused on the core values that have helped it to grow so remarkably within a strategy of managed risk. As a family-based business all of the shareholders are still actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business and they take a hands-on approach to all aspects of the company.

The group’s three core business activities are McGarrell Reilly New Homes, Property Investment and Property Development. McGarrell Reilly Group has created a team of highly skilled and experienced people who are all committed to working together to get things done. From the concept stage right through to delivery, each project is assessed carefully in terms of where and how McGarrell Reilly Group can add value and this forms the basis of success.

As an organisation the business has grown and will continue to flourish because it has very clear values: Integrity, mutual respect, commitment, commercial awareness and teamwork. This is a solid group to work for and to do business with.  Many of our exceptional people have worked with McGarrell Reilly Group for decades and the company actively fosters strong relationships with subcontractors, suppliers, customers, joint venture partners, banks, professional firms and consultants.